Recognising Your Support

The Royal College of Surgeons came into existence thanks to the generosity and foresight of its benefactors. Since 1505, philanthropic gifts have supported the College, advanced our research and established and protected our heritage. This tradition has helped the College to continue to grow and take us towards our ambition to be at the cutting edge of medical education, research and heritage.

Donations made to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh are recognised in a number of ways. For a confidential discussion regarding supporter recognition please contact:

Current Supporters

Founding Guardians

Mr C I Adams
Dr Abdullah MAT Almulaifi
Mr E P Bailey
Dr D B Barr
Dr D Bister
Prof George Borthwick CBE FRSE
Mr R A C Chate
Prof C R Chowdhury
Mr B Cruickshanks
Mr W J R Currie
Mr D De
Mr A R De Bolla
Dr Simon Timothy Dennis
Mr J L Duncan
Prof O J Garden
Mr J N A Gibson
Miss E M Griffiths
Mr G Hooper
Mr J H A  Hussain
Prof J D Hutchison
Mr Robert R. Jeffrey
Prof J D Langdon
Miss A H Lawson
Prof Graham T Layer
Mr G Little
Mr Y P Low
Mr I B Macleod (bequeathed by Dr K Macleod)
Dr Iain Hamish Macleod
Mr M R Madigan
Miss M J Mayell
Prof P T McCollum
Prof F McDonald
Mr Iain W W McGraw
Prof M C Meikle
Mr I M Muir
Miss K P Noe
Mr Ogugua Okonkwo MD
Mr John D. Orr CBE
Prof R W Parks
Mr I K Ritchie
Mr M R G Robinson
Mr Jack Rudick
Prof D P S Sandhu
Prof R J C Steele
Mr Palaniswamy Sunderraj
Prof Sir John Temple
Mr D A Tolley
Mr T Uttaravichien
Mr R S W Wang
Mrs R J S Webber
Mr R A B Wood
Prof G G Youngson CBE


Mr Alasdair Sutherland


Mr Charles D Auld
Mr B F Beveridge
Mr D E J Bowden
Mr J Chamberlain
Mr J Chalmers
Dr David Craig
Miss C M Doig
Sir Patrick Forrest
Paul & Elizabeth Geissler
Mr H Gossman
Mr M N D P Jayatilaka
Mr P A Knight
Mr D A D Macleod
Mr D O Maisels
Mr C B R Mann
Mr Winton McNab
Mr J W McIntosh
Mr J L R O'Donnell
Mr Simon Paterson-Brown
Prof H Polk
Mr C A Rockwood
Prof C V Ruckley
Ms C M Scally
Mrs A M Scott
Mr J A R Smith
Mr R K Tandon
Dr D Thomson
Mr A C H Watson
Mr JR Wild


Mr N C Anastas
Mr J B M Black
Dr N T Bratten
Mr F B Christie
Prof R V Clayman
Mr K L Cleminson
Prof Elizabeth S Davenport
Mr A C B Dean
Dr C Dearden
Mr D L Douglas
Mr E W Gillison
Dr H M Gilmour
Mr PWH Huang
Mr Mr P L Ibister (bequeathed by Mrs H Ibister)
Mr A Jeffrey
Mr M G Lyall
Mr E Herrera-Martinez
Mr N Irons
Dr C P Joseph
Dr SP Maker
Mr S P Master
Mr RA McWilliam
Mr P R Mehta
Dr J D Rerrie
Mr A J Rodesano
Dr M K Roy
Dr J Rumble
Sir Cuthbert Sebastian
Dr S H A Shah
G F Sheldon, MD
Mr K Sindhvnanda
Prof G D Stafford
Dr H J Stewart
Mr I M Strachan
Mr R A L Vickers
Prof G Westbury


Miss S I A Dallash
Mr RR Macdonald
Mr RA McWilliam
Mr D F Miller
Mr John Terrace

Trusts & Foundations

The Binks Trust
Cruden Foundation Limited
The Hilda and Johnny Gibb Charitable Trust
The Leche Trust
The Mickel Fund
The Nancie Massie Charitable Trust
The Wolfson Foundation

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