Standards Office

The Standards Office has been established as a focal point for the College’s activities that contribute to the raising of surgical standards. Their remit includes, but is not limited to: advising on data collection methodology, performance indicators and targets related to surgery; providing specialist input into appointment committees; assistance with technical remediation and undertaking invited reviews on behalf of the College, a service which, as part of the College’s charitable remit, is provided as a not-for-profit service.

Invited Reviews

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s Standards Office can provide, on request, invited reviews of surgical performance at either individual or unit level. These reviews support health care organisations and clinical teams to address concerns or benchmark surgical practice through the provision of expert, independent, objective advice.


  • We offer a range of specialists from our UK-wide membership
  • You will receive an advisory report listing suggestions for improvements
  • After you receive a report of recommendations, we will follow up at a later date to ensure clarity and offer alternative suggestions if necessary
  • As part of the College’s charitable remit, this is a not-for-profit service which only requires a fee to cover the cost of undertaking the work

Review Process

Each review is confidential and individually tailored to the needs of the organisation involved. These can cover a range of issues, such as, service design, safety, training and compliance with standards.

Typically, once terms of reference have been drawn up and agreed, a review will consist of in-house consideration of documentation provided by the hospital concerned followed by a visit (or multiple visits if required) from a team drawn from the College’s panel of expert reviewers. A report is then produced based on the review team’s findings offering advice and recommendations. 

A charge is made for this service which covers the cost of conducting the review. 

Contact for Enquiries

If you wish to request a review or have any queries in respect of this service please contact:

Amanda Hamilton
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Nicolson Street
Edinburgh EH8 9DW

Telephone: 0131 527 1642


Raising Concerns

Guidance for clinicians around what to do if you have concerns can be found here.


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