Faculty of Dental Trainers

The Faculty of Dental Trainers (FDT) promotes the role of the dental trainer, recognises achievement and excellence and, ultimately, enhances the quality of patient care.

Dentists and dental care professionals form the teams that deliver patient care across all sectors and in multiple settings, from public and community services, hospital services, to Armed Services and universities.

To achieve the best outcomes for patients and to ensure safe patient care, it is essential that all training for the dental team is effective, competent and delivered to the best possible standards.

To achieve its purpose of improving the quality of patient care, the FDT:

  • Rewards interest, engagement and achievement in dental training
  • Provides a professional home for recognised dental trainers
  • Offers support and guidance for career development in dental training
  • Promotes standards in training

The FDT was launched in 2016 by the Faculty of Dental Surgery of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The Faculty of Dental Trainers is a sister Faculty of the already-established Faculty of Surgical Trainers and both of these Faculties are accountable, through a single governance group, to the RCSEd’s governing Council. Additionally, the Faculty of Dental Trainers reports to the Council of RCSEd’s Faculty of Dental Surgery.

Further information about joining is available on the Faculty of Dental Trainers website.

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